Collecting Fossils and Stories

5.5″ Long Megalodon Tooth  |  Photo by: Lauren Jay

It is a surreal feeling to hold a massive, razor-sharp tooth from an animal that you will never have the chance to see.

You can run your hand across the cold enamel and jagged serrated edges, and you can marvel how it once cut through whale bone like a nail punches through a wall.

You may even wonder what it was that caused this tooth to be lost. Was it lodged deep in the bone of fallen prey and left behind, or was it knocked out by sheer force? Maybe the animal died with the tooth still in its mouth?

Despite all of this, you will never see the 50ft monster to which it belonged. The Charcarodon Megalodon, a bus-sized shark that thrived for millions of years, largely shaping the ecosystem of it’s time, no longer exists. What you are, instead, left with are its formidable teeth and a jumble of questions.

This is how it feels to collect fossils of any ancient animal, shark or otherwise, and this is why I’ve made this blog. I hope you find some of the fossils and knowledge that I share here to be interesting, and that they spark your imagination the way they do mine!

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  1. Frank Jay says:

    This is extremely well done…and very interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim says:

    Fascinating, Lauren. I’m looking forward to the next post on Charcarodon Megalodon, and maybe even a podcast interview with one.
    Here’s my tale of a bus-sized beast:


  3. Frank Jay says:

    Very well written…very interesting and informative!


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