What did a Triceratops brain look like? 

I bet you’ve never thought about it!

When most people think of dinosaurs, they picture a prehistoric scene featuring the most classic characters… A T-Rex and Stegosaurus duke it out in a field of ferns and palm-trees. In the background, a lone Brontosaurus stares pensively into the distance and Triceratops lumbers around staring at its feet. If you’re a little more daring, maybe there’s a Sabertooth tiger thrown in there somewhere and a Woolly Mammoth stuck in tar. All of this while a violent volcanic eruption spews lava as meteors rain down on the horizon Michael Bay style.

The thing is, very few people ever think beyond what they see at the toy store or on television, and hardly anyone bothers to ask more complex questions. Questions like: How intelligent were dinosaurs? Did Stegosaurus males and females look the same? How did the Brontosaurus wield a 70-90ft long body? How did the Sabertooth not break it’s teeth off? What other mammals lived alongside the Mammoth?

I am not a paleontologist, but I ask these kinds of questions all the time. I love fossils and spend a lot of time collecting and learning about them. In this blog, you will find answers to questions you may have never thought to ask, and you will learn about prehistoric creatures you never knew existed.




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