Nesodon Imbricatus Jaw

Lower Jaw of Nesodon Imbricatus for Sale

This jaw was found in Patagonia over 20 years ago during a time when digging in the area was still legal. There are very, very few Nesodon fossils in circulation, and they are perhaps one of the hardest mammal fossils to acquire due to their scarcity. The jaw includes most of the teeth, and the bone and enamel quality is exceptional. The teeth are MASSIVE. Comes with custom built stand.

Approximately 11.5″ long by 9″ wide.

Nesodon Imbricatus was a genus of Miocene mammal belonging to the extinct order, Notoungulata and the family of Toxodonts. It inhabited southern South America during the Late Oligocene to Miocene from 29.0-16.3 mya, and existed for approx. 12.7 million years. It was quite large and weighed up to 1,221lbs (554kg) and reached a height up up to 1.5m. Message if interested.



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